Toning, Flexibility, better cardiovascular health weight loss, stamina, strength of muscles and bones whatever your reason for wanting to walk the time to start is now, well at least tomorrow morning. With a heat wave searing half the country it is not a good idea to exert your ‘self too much and absolutely no exercise is to be done while there is a lot of ozone in the air (More about ozone in a later blog), and we should be drinking water constantly throughout the day, I digress back to the subject. When starting a walk program first check with your doctor. Then procure a good pair of walking shoes, one that is flexible and comfortable with a good arch support. A good pair of shoes will save you a lot trouble later. Once you start walking, start slowly. Walking doesn’t have to be stressful unless you make it that way. It’s easy as putting one foot in front of the other. In addition to the benefits to your physical health mentioned above, walking can also do wonders for your emotional health. It can also helps you handle stress, sleep better, improve your self-esteem and make you feel more energetic walking is not the magic bullet, but it does come very close.


The first time , I woke up at five am in the morning to go walking I questioned my whole premise. Why would anyone wake up at this hour to walk?  I just knew I was the only one , then I got to the walking track. I was really surprised to see more than fifty people already actively walking or jogging. The quest for health is alive and well. There were young children, old people, skinny people, not so skinny people . People walking while kicking a soccer ball the track was busy and alive. As I stood there amazed , I would get the “come  join us ” stare, as they walked by.

So I did and have not stopped yet. I know that there are a lot of people that are not yet walking, who would like to. So here is your official invitation ” COME JOIN US” we are everywhere.

High Blood pressure like a stroke and heart disease is called the silent killer. High blood pressure will silently lead to heart disease and or a stroke. High blood pressure pertains to the pressure of blood moving in the arteries and the work the heart has to do the pump that blood. When the arteries are clear the heart work less. A silent buildup of the plaque in the arteries means less blood flows which means more pressure and more work for the heart. Blood pressure monitoring is important .

If you’re a person who engages in strenuous activities often stretching will make you more injury free and better at what you do.  stretched muscles handle more stress and activities with a greater range of motion.



To begin any exercise design to build the cardiovascular system, the exercise must get the heart rate up and must be done for at least twenty minutes, and most important of all should be very consistent at least four times a week.

During this time, hydration is very important especially on a very hot days. We have already discussed some of the ill effects of dehydration and these warning signs need full attention. Many people are in a state in partial dehydration and they don’t realize it. Hydration and exercise are not separated .


Water,water,water so much of it everywhere. So important to our health, yet no one is drinking. Many minor and some major health challenges would just simply go away if those people would stay hydrated. All life forms on this planet reqiure water to survive. Not drinking enough water puts a great deal of stress on the body. Thirst, dehydration, constipation, an increase burden on liver and kidneys and the immune system, many more systems in the body also begin to fail. Summertime makes all of this even more critical. So save a life, yours or a love one or both. DRINK MORE WATER.





Take your old pair with you so that a knowledable salesperson can evlaute the wear pattern to help you choose a suitable shoe. Wear the socks you normally run in, and run around in the store after donning the new shoes.